DEKRA iST is providing expertise services with independent third-party laboratory.

Reliability Validation

Reliability Validation

We provide environmental tests and reliability validation services from LED components, PCBs to modules and systems
Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

We provide comprehensive failure analysis services for all the needs from each product stages.
Material Verification

Material Verification

We provide reliability verification of materials in various stress like temperature, strength, aging, and corrosiveness.
Design Validation

Design Validation

We could speed up validation time and find out product defects quickly through specific methods.

Bring Quality to Trust

Bring our service quality to earn customer's trust; Bring customer's product quality to earn market's trust.

On a mission of "Quality Doctor for a Better Life", DEKRA iST plays an important role for Electric & Electronic product during their validation stage. When the new product develops or product field return from market, DEKRA iST positioned as a medical center, not only provides health checkup (reliability validation) services, but also sickness diagnosis (failure analysis) services.

In addition, we also provide expertise services that meet the needs of end customers and international standards.

Our Recognition from International Certify Body :

  • A2LA
  • CNAS
  • TAF
  • IPC
  • ISTA
  • SMTA
  • Customer Centricity
    Always be your trusted partner
  • Professional and Integrity
    Provide third-party objective criteria
  • High Efficiency and Completeness
    Support Time-to-Market request
|International Industry Forum on Technologies and Future Applications Trend of Wide Bandgap Components|DEKRA iST Emphasized the Importance both Dynamic Reliability Validation and Dynamic Measurement of Wide Bandgap Power Devices.
On March 21st, the "International Industry Forum on Technologies and Future Applications Trend of Wide Bandgap Components," was jointly organized by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and EETimes at the HNBK International Convention Center. DEKRA iST was invited to share Operating Reliability Validation and Dynamic Measurement Methodology of Wide Bandgap Power Devices. The venue was filled to capacity, with a captivated audience attentively listening to discussions about the validation technology trends of wide bandgap power devices.
DEKRA iST sincerely invites you to visit【2023 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition】
2023 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE 2023), organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), will make its grand debut at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 from 14th to 16th September this year. Sincerely invite you to visit the "Taiwan Space" zone, where DEKRA iST will share our reliability testing and failure analysis solutions, and give you a head start in the aerospace industry applications with our validation experience and excellent testing capacity.
How WBG devices make swift progress – Accelerating overall assessment of switching characteristics and reliability of power devices
To reach the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, nations around the world are expressing their aim to ban gas cars in 2035 (2040 for most countries) one after another, which opens up the demands for new energy cars. Driven by the trend of popularization of electric vehicles, currently the applications of automotive semiconductors not only cover integrated circuit (IC), optoelectronic components (LED/VCSEL/PD), and sensors, but also go deeper to the core power system. Power devices and modules play a critical role in inverters, on board charger (OBC) and power factor correction. In addition, wide band-gap (WBG) components, like SiC (Silicon Carbide) and GaN (Gallium Nitride), significantly increase “switching efficiency” and “power density.” That being said, the lifetime and reliability will be challenged under the operation of “high frequency loss” and “high voltage, high current.”
| Tech Taipei: Electric Mobility Future Seminar & Forum | DEKRA iST offers a glance at the reliability level of the powertrain industry under the EV rise
The Industrial Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and EETimes together hosted “Tech Taipei: Electric Mobility Future Seminar & Forum” at the HNBK International Convention Center on May 18th. On behalf of DEKRA iST, Director Wangchu Chen was invited to provide the “Overview and Analysis of the Unstoppable Development of the Electric Vehicle Powertrain Industry” from his rich experience in reliability validation. With a higher attendance than expected, the audience gave overwhelming response to and expressed great interest in Director Wangchu Chen’s insights on the electric vehicle powertrain industry.
The First Branding Video of DEKRA iST – Building a Better Life with You
DEKRA iST, a professional third-party validation laboratory, dedicates to ensure the Quality and Safety of products with our clients via professional experience and innovative spirit. Through our first branding video, we would like to put emphasis on the determination to create a Better Life and fulfill the goal of sustainability!
|International Industry Forum on Technologies and Future Applications Trend of Wide Bandgap Components| DEKRA iST Dissected Comprehensive Validation Solution of WBG Power Components in EV System
On March 9, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and EETimes jointly held the "International Industry Forum on Technologies and Future Applications Trend of Wide Bandgap Components" at the Hua Nan Bank International Convention Center. DEKRA iST was invited to share "Comprehensive Validation Solution of WBG Power Components in EV System," which drew a packed audience and received critical acclaims.
DEKRA strengthens Cybersecurity Business
Expert organisation DEKRA, a global leader in safety, security, and sustainability, has announced its acquisition of Onward Security in Taiwan, a prominent provider of cybersecurity solutions. The acquisition comes as DEKRA takes significant steps to expand its service portfolio in the rapidly growing field of product testing and certification cybersecurity. With experience and services for the Consumer, Industrial, ICT, Medical and Automotive sectors. Onward Security will be key for further accelerating DEKRA´s growth in different countries in the APAC region and globally.
Make Electric Vehicles Ready “By Dominating Charging Stations”
For the considerations when consumers purchase an electric vehicle, the number of charging stations or the completeness of the charging facilities will both consumers’ willingness to purchase an electric vehicle. The Quality and Reliability of charging stations are a key that influences consumption experience.
Industry mentor of DEKRA iST guided high school students explore careers in the “Technology in Life Course”
Michael Perng, the manager of DEKRA iST Interconnection Engineering Department, was invited to become the industry mentor for the "Technology in Life High School Career Exploration" project by TPCA Environment Foundation.
| Technical Article | Pivot on US Military Standard and Enhance Dust-proof Capacity with MIL-STD-810
Under complex environments, unlike commercial or industrial standard, a military standard emphasizes tailoring an equipment's environmental design and test limits to the conditions to verify its reliability. In this column, DEKRA iST will give you a whole picture of The United States Military Standard, MIL-STD-810.
| Event Summary | MIH x DEKRA iST x DEKRA The Three Cores of Electric Vehicle Validation Webinar
DEKRA iST and DEKRA Taiwan, together with MIH, jointly held the " The Three Cores of Electric Vehicle Validation Webinar " to discuss Functional Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility/Radio Frequency (EMC/RF), and the necessary method of quality confirmation for hardware --- “Reliability Tests.”
| Technical Article | The Crux of WBG Component in Global Green Revolution
The world is now facing an energy crisis, and paying high attention to the solution of optimizing the energy efficiency. As a consequence, the development of WBG (Wide-Band-Gate) becomes one of major subject. Meanwhile, to effectively secure the quality of products, high-level reliability validation and tests are necessary.
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