In recent years, as commercial specifications of temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, drop, and sun exposure have matured, the requirement of the electronics industry has moved towards a high-reliability level—Military Standard Test (MIL-STD-810). This test seems to become an important indicator for every manufacturer, which they could present the difference with each other. MIL-STD-810 is a serial test designed by the US Department of Defense, and validates the reliability and durability of military products under harsh environments such as natural and man-made use in their life cycle.

As a professional reliability and independent laboratory, DKKRA iST commits to be a partner with customers in reliability tests. Besides many military standard tests are already delivered to rugged products currently, DEKRA iST builds up MIL-STD-810 dust-proof testing (Please refer to Figure 1) in recent. This new capacity will help manufacturers to fully satisfy the request of military-standard, which they would like to upgrade their outdoor products from IP(IEC 60529) dustproof level to military specification.
<Figure 1 MIL-STD-810 Dust Equipment>
Different from IEC 60529(general electronics application) dust test and ISO 20563(automotive application) dust test, MIL-STD-810 dust test uses particle size < 150 μm of dust, with a wind speed of 8.9 m/s, in dry heat with low  humidity(<30%RH) environment, and evaluates the impact of dust on the gap/hole of product surface, even penetration into body, bearings and connectors. For a detail comparison of these standards.(Please refer to Table 1 below)
<Table 1 MIL-STD-810 V.S. IEC 60529 V.S. ISO 20653 Comparison>

The below table is MIL-STD-810 test methods that DEKRA iST provides currently : (Please refer to Table 2)
<Table 2 MIL-STD-810 tests DEKRA iST delivers>

DEKRA iST commits with service optimization and customer orientation concept and always offers comprehensive and customer-satisfied solutions to clients. The additional military dust-proof test would make more complete of validation platform for rugged products.


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