DEKRA iST is officially listed in IPC-TM-650 Test Laboratories, which shows the capability of PCB validation is recognized around world. As a professional lab of IPC standards, DEKRA iST provides comprehensive verification and analysis services in various categories, including visual, dimensional, physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and environmental testing methods.

The development of PCB (Print Circuit Board) products corresponds to the trend of end market application continuously. In the past, the majority of PCB is mass-produced for standardized electronics products such as general household appliances, personal computers, and mobile devices. In this decade, along with the rise of the IoT (Internet of Things) and the IoV (Internet of Vehicles), electronic products have become more efficient and diversified, like 5G communications and smart cars applications. Therefore, PCB reliability validation becomes a key role of the whole design verification stage, which not only ensures the quality of end products, but also enhances the competitiveness in the market. 

DEKRA iST has developed verification methods for PCB, including design of test vehicles, and may assist customers in reliability verification or sampling analysis in the early stage of product development. After entering the mass production stage, we also provide service of product soldering quality verification (solder joint quality) or failure analysis for poor soldering issue.

DEKRA iST provides service of all stages, including product development, mass production to field return verification (RMA). For more information, please check in DEKRA PCB Industry.

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